(5 images - Artwork by Ana and Phil)

Izzy Blitz (Educational Game)

My team and I worked on a game that aims to raise awareness for accessibility issues wheelchair users face. Over the course of the "Serious Game Design Summer School 2014" (Graz, Austria), we created a first design document, a presentation, video demonstration of the controls and a prototype for Android in two weeks. Game design and project management were my main responsibilities in this project.

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Rehabilitation made fun (in progress)

Currently I'm working together with my team on a game to make rehabilitation more fun. We're focussing on people who are recovering from strokes or central nervous system damages. We're working together with Quha oy to create an engaging gesture controlled game. My main areas of work are game design, project management and 2D design. You can follow our progress on our blog

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On the road (Educational Game)

For my first Demola project I worked as game designer, project manager and 3D artist on the educational game "On the road". It's a casual mobile game, designed for Mobilia, a finnish car and traffic museum. For more information, watch our final pitch (slides & recording by me) or read our project blog

(4 prototype screen shots and abstract)

“Exploration of Gamification Patterns” (Thesis)

As part of my BSc degree in "Computer Science and Media" I wrote my thesis on the "Exploration of Gamification Patterns for E-Commerce". As practical part I developed an early concept for web shop gamification and tested it with users.
You can view my thesis here.
Logo of Beat Hard (by Bruno Cunha)

(3 images - courtesy of our team artist)

Beat Hard (Educational Game)

Together with an international team I worked on "Beat Hard" over the course of a 2 week long summer school on serious game design. We created a prototype and game design document for a rhythm-based serious game that teaches how to perform hands-only CPR.

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Elementhurry (GGJ14)

For the Global Game Jam 2014 I developed a short game, together with Thomas Hands. Due to an HDD crash I had to work with my Asus Tablet instead of a notebook to create the assets - an interesting challenge. Concept and game play are not very elaborate, but we had loads of fun designing the game.
(Gallery) Ambrosia Project

(4 images) Logo & Poster, Minigame concept example

Ambrosia Project (Game)

30 students worked together on the basics of the "Ambrosia Project" - a game that's being developed over the course of several semesters at the HdM, Stuttgart. I was part of the game design team and contributed to basic game play decisions, worked on concepts for mini-games and helped in other areas. (By me: Image 3 (Concept); Poster, Logo, Mini-Game-Designs courtesy of our artists)
(Gallery) neo93- Film und Spiel

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“neo93″ (Animation & Game)

First animation project with 3ds Max and After Effects CS5 (alone). Parallel to that I worked with 4 students on a 3D game in Unity that used the animated character as protagonist. I mainly contributed to game design and graphic design. Watch the intro on youtube.
(Gallery) Gemacht mit: Photoshop, Illustrator

(7 images) Photoshop, Illustrator, XNA

Album mit Konzeptbildern

Album mit Konzeptbildern

Album mit Konzeptbildern

Captain Arrhack (Game)

2D character design for a mini game project for the "Development of video games" course at the HdM Stuttgart. I worked on the concept and development of level designs, characters and start screens.

(10 images) Photoshop, Illustrator

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

Posters & Printmedia

Several posters and flyers I designed for different occasions and contractors, for example posters for university events, advertisement media for shack Stuttgart, leaflets etc.