About me

The important bits:

I’m a 26 years old graduate of “Computer Science and Media” and currently trying to find a position that has to do with video games or serious games.
Designing and testing games interests me just as much as the psychology and research behind games.
I love games because they are the perfect synthesis of three of my favourite subjects:
Art, psychology and technology.

I finished my Bachelor in “Computer Science and Media” at the HdM in Stuttgart, Germany in 2013. Afterwards I attended a Summer School on Serious Game Design and then moved to Tampere,Finland for 6+ months to attend in an exchange scholarship at Demola, Tampere. This gave me the chance to work on some more elaborate game prototypes than the projects at my university and I learned a great deal about project management as well.

Other facts:

Originally I’m from Bavaria, later I moved to Stuttgart to do my Bachelor in “Computer Science and Media” at the HdM in Stuttgart, Germany.
When I still lived in Stuttgart I enjoyed spending my time at shack – a make-space, filled with creative and skilled people. I hope to find a similar club/environment in whatever location I will land in next.

Skills and Tools

When I have the time, I like to plough through some good books on Game Design, Psychology, Usability and Gamification. Topics like flow, motivational theory, effectiveness of educational games and game design theory are things that interest me a lot.

I also love my camera and my Wacom tablet and I’m a professional Photoshop CS5-User.
Working with After Effects also excites me a lot – I work with it in my spare time and also learned some basics about expressions and working with Trapcode’s Particular while I was still doing my internship at redhotmagma in Stuttgart. Illustrator and InDesign are other programs I have some experience in – and I try constantly to gain more and learn additional design techniques.

Writing, designing and holding presentations (often with “Prezi”) for customers is another task I’m accustomed to.

Thanks to courses like Screendesign (1,7), Digital Photography (2,0), Development of Computer Games (1,0),User Interface Design (1,7) and my participation on a huge Game Project (1,0) with more than 30 other students I had a chance to hone my creative skills over the course of my studies.

XHTML and CSS are also no strangers to me and thanks to my studies I have some experience in working with Java & C as well as XML & MySQL. Just recently I stared working more with Unity, thanks to my most current projects and I want to learn more about how to use it to make nice little game prototypes.


You can take a look at my CV
Read my bachelor thesis on the “Exploration of Gamification Patterns in E-Commerce”
Visit my LinkedIn profile

More photos and drawings can be found on my DeviantArt-Account.

You can also send an E-Mail to n3rdybirdy [at] googlemail [dot] com to contact me directly.